Company Introduction

Nanodigmbio believes in Nano Trans More, dedicated to creating more value and serving diagnosis in the field of targeted sequencing. Nanodigmbio is committed to providing specialized and high-quality products and ready-for-use solutions for academic institutions, medical institutions, NGS industrial companies etc. 

Nanodigmbio has complete series of products in targeted sequencing, including kinds of library preparation kits and liquid phase hybridization reagents, compatible with MGI and illumina platforms. Nanodigmbio provides optimized panels for applications in precision medicine and research, including exome research panel, pan-cancer research panel, hemooncology research panel and respirovirus research panel, and excellent customized panel validated by NGS. 

Nanodigmbio owns a R&D center of over 2,000 m2 and a GMP manufacturing facility (YY/T0287-2017idt ISO13485:2016) of over 4,000 m2, ensuring high innovation R&D and production. The sales network of Nanodigmbio has covered all over the China and is expanding to overseas markets. We are honored to grow together with global customers and do our best to satisfy all demands on high-quality targeted sequencing solutions and related IVD materials.