μCaler Total Solution for Methylation

μCaler Total Solution for Methylation

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μCaler Targeted Methylation Sequencing Comprehensive Solution, featuring an exclusive patented μCaler hybridization capture system, enabling the completions of the entire process within same day with simple and convenient operations. This solution captures the converted methylation libraries using a patented probe design scheme that covers targets in all methylation states. Furthermore, with a hybridization capture system optimized for methylation is not only suitable for targeted enrichment with mini-Panels but also applicable for capturing special regions like AT-rich sequences.

μCaler Hybrid Capture Reagents v2 is designed for targeted enrichment of small Panel and hybrid capture of various types of pre-libraries, integrated with upgraded and optimized hybrid capture and elution processes, and equipped with μCaler Panel designed based on innovative protocols, which can complete the whole process of capture-library preparation in same day.

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