Nanodigmbio @ Medlab Asia & Asia Health 2023

View: 394 / Time: 2023-08-22

Recently, the three-day 2023 Medlab Asia & Asia Health exhibition concluded successfully in the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand, on August 18th! This event provided an unparalleled platform for international peers, promoting cross-border exchange and collaboration to collectively advance the global medical field.

Event Highlights

As a leading exhibition for medical laboratory instruments and equipment in Asia, Medlab Asia & Asia Health brought together professionals from the medical field worldwide, including healthcare professionals, laboratory experts, manufacturers, and distributors from various regions. Together, they explored the latest technologies, innovative ideas, and solutions. The event attracted over 350 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and regions, as well as more than 7,500 professional attendees. The exhibition also featured the Asia Health Conference sub-forum, hosting clinical conferences for doctors and healthcare professionals, as well as healthcare business seminars covering topics like digital health and nursing. The CME-CMTE conference covered multiple fields such as laboratory management, clinical microbiology, clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, and more.


Nanodigmbio Moments

During this exhibition, Nanodigmbio showcased the μCaler Hybrid System, personalized probe customization services, and a full range of NGS targeted capture application solutions. The on-site booth attracted professional attendees from around the world.
Nanodigmbioengaged in deep conversations with numerous international peers. Among them, many expert colleagues inquired about clinical diagnostics related to Mediterranean anemia and the application and analysis ofNanodigmbio's commercialized HGBP Panel.Nanodigmbio's bioinformatics team provided explanations for each inquiry. Additionally,Nanodigmbiointroduced the comprehensive solution for HRD analysis and the XCapViz - a visual bioinformatics analysis system. XCapViz aims to assist users with sequencing data but lacking in bioinformatics knowledge or with limited foundations, in uncovering potential genetic and pathogenic information. It can analyze sequencing data from DNA capture panels, RNA capture panels, methylation capture panels, and more. Currently, only the analysis workflow for several DNA capture panels developed byNanodigmbiohas been launched, with workflows for other panels set to be gradually released in the future. Furthermore, the μCaler MRD Solution also garnered strong interest from numerous attendees. This solution incorporates adapters with Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMI), meeting the analytical requirements for ultra-low-frequency mutation analysis of circulating cell-free DNA in MRD detection applications.