Nanodigmbio Technology new oligonucleotide manufacturing facility Officially Opened

View: 1849 / Time: 2021-12-09

In 2020, Nanodigmbio Technology rejected the acquisition and relied on self-developed products to open up industry channels and stay at the forefront of the industry. On November 26, 2021, Nanodigmbio's new oligonucleotide manufacturing facility for high-throughput sequencing was officially opened.


The new >1500 m2 clean production workshop and laboratory, and the ISO 13485:2016 medical device quality management system are the guarantee for us to meet the needs of customers and regulatory requirements in the future. So starting from upstream raw materials, Naondigmbio Technology uses high-quality probe design and synthesis platform as the core, to support targeted sequencing products and closed-loop solutions to serve customers and service diagnosis.



Nanodigmbio Technology oligonucleotide facility is divided into five major functional areas, including office area, synthesis area, purification area, QC area, and production area. It also owns various types of synthesizers, purifiers, automatic pipetting workstations, gas-phase ammonolysis analyzers, and mass spectrometers.


At present, the industry is in a period of rapid development that many people/companies are overly pursuing the immediate benefits of "short, stable, and fast" and neglect the quality of the products. However, we always firmly believe the core of the long-term development of the company is the quality of the product. Only by keeping the craftsman's heart and treating its products with the spirit of craftsman can maintain its leading among similar products, and win a good reputation from customers, and achieve success in the long-term market competition.