[Interview]Focusing on targeted gene testing to boost precision medical development

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Recently, Dr. Kui, Li, COO of Nanodigmbio Technology gave a keynote speech at the 5th World Precision Medicine (China) Summit(WPMCS)2020, and was invited to participate in an exclusive interview with HealifeMed. The following is the content of the interview:


Gene sequencing technology is a newly developed gene detection technology, which becomes an indispensable research tool for molecular diagnosis and bio-medicine in life science research. With the continuous upgrading of gene sequencing technology, the development and service of gene detection technology has entered a period of rapid development in worldwide.

GTIF: When the COVID-19 outbreak, the Nanodigmbio Technology donated 1 million RMB via the Guangdong Provincial Hetaoxiang Medical Charity Foundation to support Dr. Nanshan Zhong's research team. What do you think of the COVID-19 outbreak? What challenges does it bring to the development of company in the future?

Dr.LiAt present, COVID-19 has been effectively controlled in China, which benefits from efficient response and execution of the government, the professionalism of the medical staff, as well as the supported citizens. The epidemic has brought impact on various industries in varying degrees, which has tested the ability of enterprises, in dealing with public health emergencies.In addition the donation, Nanodigmbio Technology also launched the targeted sequencing solution of the COVID-19 in March and provided it to relevant researchers for free.  In the follow up, we straightly developed a comprehensive targeted sequencing solution NanoRV Panel-Tech Access  for targeting human respiratory viruses including coronavirus, influenza virus, parainfluenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus, metapneumovirus, enterovirus, rhinovirus, adenovirus, and bocavirus. As the biotechnological company, We must pay attention to the independent innovation of technology, products,  the social dynamics and policies, which may continue to survive and develop steadily in the market.

GTIF: What technical platforms your company can provide? What targeted capture solutions are available? What are the advantages compared with other company?

Dr.Li: Nanodigmbiob Technology insists on focusing on the target capture technology. At present, the integrated solution from nucleic acid extraction to targeted sequencing has been established based on Illumina® and MGI platforms.Through cooperation with MGI, the targeted solutions of exome, solid tumors, blood tumors and viruses have been widely recognized by customers. The core competitiveness of Nanodigmbio Technology is the highly effective R&D team, consisting of  highly experienced experts in the field of NGS. Recently, We have published several invention patents and software copyright.

Moreover, the GMP manufacturing facility has been officially put into use, and successfully received a Class I medical device registration certificate. The reliable products quality, as well as professional and customized technical support, are the key to own customers's trust.

GTIF: How to improve the application of optimized targeted gene detection in precision medicine?

Dr.Li:  As the core of precision medicine, genetic testing has developed rapidly. To meet the growing market demand, targeted gene detection has been continuously optimized and improved.Technically, the following aspects need to be deeply explored: The duration from sample handling to data analysis, the use of automatic workstations to improve the throughput while reducing manual intervention, optimize the panel design and data analysis by artificial intelligence. On the other hand, with the development of technology and the differentiation of application scenarios, the targeted sequencing technology tends to be diversified.In the field of clinical oncology RNA targeted capture solution can improve or compensate for the detection rate of DNA targeted capture for fusion gene, Nanodigmbio Technology provides intact solutions to assist terminal clinical customers to open up more application directions. Secondly, targeted gene testing should confirm to clinical application. The current solution should be continuously optimized to push implementation of detection standards, together with the clinical diagnosis standards.And thus, the industry can be promoted and developed in a healthy way. 

GTIF: As an innovative biotechnology company specialized in high-throughput sequencing reagents and technologies, what are the opinions of the development of genetic testing and precision medical market in the future?

Dr. Li: At present, the state strongly supports the development of the precision medical industry, as well as the genetic detection technology one of the most powerful technologies for precision medicine. In the next few years, with the loosening of the policies, cancer detection will receive strong attention in precision medicine. Nanodigmbio Technology  has been actively involved in the establishment of industry standards.

In October,Chinese TMB standardization project has officially been launched. Honorably, Nanodigmbio Technology has been selected as one of the three suppliers to provide the standard reference solutions to jointly develop and evaluate the targeted capture products in China. Nanodigmbio Technology will focus on the development of high-throughput gene testing products, pay attention to clinical demands, provide efficient and stable personalized solutions and reliable products, and will consistently fulfill its social responsibility as a technology company.

The following photos show splendid moments of the keynote speech titled Continuous Improvement and Optimization on Target Sequencing for Precision Oncology at the 5th World Precision Medicine (China) Summit(WPMCS)2020, given by Dr.Li COO of Nanodigmbio Technology.