View: 2245 / Time: 2021-11-09


On October 30-31, the 16th International Genomics Conference ICG-16 was successfully held in Qingdao.

Dr.Dongqing Shi, marketing manager of Nanodigmbio, gave a keynote speech titled How to take advantages of sequencing platform.


Dr.Shi said that to take the advantage of the sequencing platform in the field of precision medicine, we should highly focus on the quality control of each process in targeted capture sequencing.

Dr.Shi illustrates the importance of high-quality adapters in targeted capture sequencing from the aspects of index misassignment, Molecular Identifier, multi-samples pooling, and quality control. For these reasons, Nanodigmbio has issued MGI unique dual index adapter module, known as the NadPrep Universal Adapter (MDI) Module (for MGI), which has been expanded to 768 varieties. At the same time, NadPrep NanoBlockers (for MGI, DI), the universal blocker which is developed to work with MGI libraries dual indexes (DI).

As a company specialized in NGS, Nanodigmbio's total solution for the MGI platforms has been at the frontier of MGI's sequencing ecosystem. In addition to applications such as whole genome sequencing and exome sequencing, Nanodigmbio is the only vendor provides library construction and capture solutions for circulating tumor DNA. Nanodigmbio will continue to provide users with outstanding products and satisfactory services for customers from research institutions and industry organizations.