Declaration Regarding the Upgrading of Reagent Product Packaging

View: 384 / Time: 2023-07-11

To all distributors and users:

We would like to express our gratitude for your continued support and trust in products of Nanodigmbio. In line with our growth requirements, we will be undertaking a comprehensive upgrade of the packaging for all reagent products, as detailed in the attachment.

Starting from July 2023, the existing inventory will be sold in the original packaging until stocks are depleted. All newly manufactured products will be introduced with the new packaging design. Throughout this transition, there will be no changes to the product catalog, contents, packaging specifications, and quality.

Nanodigmbio remains committed to providing you with high-quality products and services, just as we always have.

This declaration is hereby issued!

Issuer: Nanodigmbio (Nanjing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


1. Visual Design: The visual patterns on the packaging boxes will undergo a comprehensive upgrade, featuring clear and sleek lines that convey a sense of technology.

2. Unified Sky Blue Theme: The theme color of the packaging boxes will transition from multiple colors to a unified sky blue, which embodies the spirit of exploration.figure1

3. Slogan: The visual pattern on the packaging boxes will be changed from "Nano Trans More" to "Creating Reliable NGS Solution to Serve Precision Medicine" better reflecting Nanodigmbio's service purpose and brand spirit.

4. Bilingual (Chinese and English): The packaging boxes will include versions in both Chinese and English, facilitating the understanding and use of the products by domestic and international customers, thus enhancing product marketability and user satisfaction.

5. Production Labels: The addition of production dates and QR codes (containing: product catalog_batch number_ expiration date) will enable users to quickly obtain essential information about the reagents. figure2